Ask Me Anything for Couples 2.0 is Available on the App Store

AMAFC 2.0 Is Released.001


Ask Me Anything for Couples 2.0 is Available on the App Store.

I’m very excited for you to try it. It’s a whole different experience visually and I hope that you love it.

AMAFC 2.0 Is Released.004

I took the time to choose a background that was beautiful enough for the ladies but not so girlish that men would be embarrassed . Not an easy task.

AMAFC 2.0 Is Released.003

It was designed from the ground up to be a Universal App which means it will run flawlessly on all of your iOS devices, and, as a free update it’s available on all your devices without having to pay anything more.

You’re welcome.

AMAFC 2.0 Is Released.002

This new update has more questions in more categories so there is even more great things inside the app. The questions come from my personal experience, from my professional experience and from my research and reading. There are fun questions, awkward questions, painful questions and some that might even start a few fights. I apologize in advance but I hope that the struggle leads to a better understanding between you and your partner.

If you are looking to take a test drive why not check out my brand new app preview video on youtube.

Thank you for checking out the website and my line of conversation starter apps. I hope you love this new version of Ask Me Anything for Couples 2.0 and will leave me some great reviews.

Have a great day and thanks for the downloads.



2 thoughts on “Ask Me Anything for Couples 2.0 is Available on the App Store

  1. Jono says:

    I’m looking for an app like this but for couples that are apart a lot. How about a version where we can play but on separate phon s not in same place. So both have the app on both our phones are linked

    • Jono, thank you for checking out my apps. That’s a great idea. I’ll see if I can build something like that into a new version. In the meantime you could also use the questions that come up and simply ask them over your favourite messaging app. Just retype the question and hit send.

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