Ask Me Anything for Teens 2.0

AMAFT 2.0 Web Banner.001

After a 2 year hiatus Ask Me Anything for Teens is finally seeing an update. It’s a big one too. Ask Me Anything for Teens 2.0 is a Universal App now. It is now available on iPad, and all versions of the iPhone. Ask Me Anything for Teens is my favourite app so it only makes sense that it becomes the first of my apps to go Universal.

I have already begun development on migrating my other apps to Universal apps. Over the next few months you will begin to see some new updates coming for my series of iOS apps.

What’s new in 2.0? Universal App design. A new Design altogether. More questions, more content and a few surprises thrown in here and there.

I hope you like the new version and thanks for all your support.

Chet Kennedy