Ask Me Anything for Engaged Couples

 Ask Me Anything for Engaged CouplesPremarital Preparation Tool was designed to prepare engaged couples for premarital counselling. Every great marriage needs a strong start.

My hope is that when you use this app your relationship will be stronger and you will understand your partner better. Some of these questions will bring up thoughts and feelings that are not easy to discuss or work through but if you are committed to making things work this app will bring strength to your marriage.

Ask Me Anything for Engaged CouplesPremarital Preparation Tool includes over 200 relationship questions spefically designed for premarital counselling. There are fun conversational questions, intriguing get to know you questions and some deep relational questions that will probably cause some hurt if not handled properly. It is important that both people are willing to listen and be honest with each other.

Within the app you can choose from 3 categories, “All Questions,” “the Easy Questions,” or “the Difficult Questions.”
A note from the developer…”I strongly encourage all couples to also sign themselves up for premarital counselling with a priest, pastor or counsellor. It just helps to sort out some of the more difficult  questions that will inevitably arise in the premarital relationship.”


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