Ask Me Anything for Families

Ask Me Anything for Families is designed to be an interactive Conversational tool for families.

Whether you are sitting in a restaurant, around the Dining room table or traveling across country this app is perfect for your family.

Ask Me Anything For Families includes over 300 questions designed specifically for Parents and kids. It also includes 50 “Spontaneous Activities” that are excellent for creating family memories.

A few Sample Questions:

  • Favourite sports?
  • Do you eat the last M&M in the bowl or do you leave it for someone else?
  • If you could be in any professional sport what would it be?
  • Video games or Physical activity?
  • If you could build your own amusement park, what would you name it?

Ask Me Anything for Families allows you to pick the types of questions and activities you can do based upon your circumstances. The Categories are “could be Anywhere,” “fun & Awkward,” “in the car,” and “activities only.”


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