Major updates coming for two of my favourite apps.

Coming summer 2014.001

I am currently working on two large updates for two of my favourite apps. The app that started them all, Ask Me Anything for Couples is receiving a major facelift, I am adding more questions and have built an entire new category with questions just for married couples. I am excited to finally release this app, for those of you who don’t know the story Ask Me Anything for Couples was my first iPhone app. While developing it I built the structure and the format for every app that would come after it. The Free version of Ask Me Anything for Couples had over 14,000 downloads and is still being accessed everyday by people all over the world. I hope that this app is helping you strengthen your relationships, that’s what it was built for.

Ask Me Anything for Families is also receiving a major facelift and I am in the process of writing over 200 new questions for the app. I am also developing a new format that I am currently calling the Conversation Flow system. My first crack at this format will be to help parents have a coaching conversation with their children. I believe this new system will help parents walk their kids through a decision making processĀ that is both guided andĀ open ended enough that it will work for many decisions. I am still working on this process and will test it out on my kids first. I am excited to present both of these apps to you over the next two months.

one more thing…

I have been working AMA for Leaders.001on another app with my Dad. He was instrumental in building Ask Me Anything for Job Interviews and he has built questions for another incredible app. Ask Me Anything for Leaders is designed to provide men and women in leadership with great questions. Sometimes in leadership a great question is worth more than the answer. Sometimes when making tough decisions a brilliant question is all you need.

Coming in the Fall of 2014 Ask Me Anything for Leaders.