Ask Me Anything Apps are a series of conversation starter iPhone applications designed by Chet Kennedy.

 Ask Me Anything for Teens

• over 650 questions and growing…
• over 200 pieces of random advice
• 5 categories
• 2 pieces of Bonus Content
• The Decisionator and the Random Excuses Generator




 Ask Me Anything for Adults 

• over 600 questions and growing…
• 5 categories






 Ask Me Anything for Couples

• over 600 relationship questions…

• 4 categories





 Ask Me Anything for Engaged Couples

• over 250 premarital relationship questions

• 3 categories




 Ask Me Anything for Families

• over 300 questions designed specifically for families with small children

• over 50 “Spontaneous activities”

• 4 categories




 Ask Me Anything for Job Interviews

• over 300 questions designed for the job interview setting

• 4 categories


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