Ask Me Anything for Teens

Ask Me Anything for Teens
iPhone Launch (640by960)Ask Me Anything for Teens is my favourite app by far. I have worked with teenagers full time for my entire career and absolutely love them. When I began my apps business with Ask Me Anything for Couples tons of teenagers were downloading the app just to try it out so I created Ask Me Anything for Teens. It has been, by far, my best selling most popular app and of course has received the most updates.

Ask Me Anything for Teens is designed to be a conversational tool. It is designed to help teenagers communicate with one another and the other people in their lives.

Ask Me Anything for Teens version 2.0 includes over 700 conversation starter questions designed specifically for teenagers. It also includes over 200 pieces of random advice. Some of the advice is meant to be funny and some of it could change your life. If the advice applies to you… use it. If not tell it to someone else.

some sample questions:

  • What were you doing 3 hours ago?
  • What is one talent that you wish you could have?
  • In pictures of you do you smile?
  • What was your most recent embarrassing moment?
  • Name five people you can’t live without.
  • Do you like turtles?

and some sample advice:

  • Put down the remote.
  • Saving the planet starts with cleaning your room.
  • Unfriend when necessary.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Try Forgiveness.

Ask Me Anything for Teens has now been downloaded over 50,000 times and is being used in over 70 countries. I am very excited about the success of this app. Keep downloading and I will continue to send in the updates.

The Latest version also includes categories which allows you to IMG_0503choose which type of questions you would like to see depending on your mood or circumstance.

I’ve also thrown in some bonus content that is just meant to be fun. I have included a random excuses generator and a Decision Making tool. Both are very silly and should not be used in life altering situations.

Version 2.0 is also a Universal App which means that you can now have Ask Me Anything for Teens running on your favourite iOS device including the iPad mini and the iPhone 6.


I hope this app makes you laugh and helps you to build stronger relationships.


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