Ask Me Anything for Adults

Default-568h@2xAsk Me Anything for Adults Conversation Starters is designed to help anyone and everyone carry on meaningful and fun conversations with other adults. Whether at work, at social gatherings or out for drinks this app will keep the conversation going for hours.

Ask Me Anything for AdultsConversation Starters version 2.0 includes over 700 questions designed specifically for Adults. If you are over 18 and can use an iphone you will relate to these questions.

A few sample questions:

  • Drunken blunders?
  • Can you keep secrets?
  • Have you ever dated someone because they had money?
  • Married, single or in between?
  • What was your worst day ever?
  • If you could have grown up in any decade what would you have chosen?
  • If your life was made into a movie who would play you?
  • Favourite social causes?

iOS Simulator Screen shot May 19, 2014, 1.41.44 PM

Ask Me Anything for Adults Conversation Starters version 2.0 also includes a new menu system which lets you choose from categories based upon situations you might find yourself in while using the app.

Ask Me Anything for Adults 2.0 is also a Universal App which means that it works great on all of your iOS devices.

Why is Ask Me Anything for Adults the most sophisticated conversation starter app on the app store?

First and foremost we don’t need your information. I designed the app for you to use, not as a way to get your info, your data or your social networking passwords. I just built an app that you can start using right away, no hidden scams built in. If you want to contact me, I have included my information and social networking right within the app, come find me and let’s chat.

Second, Ask Me Anything for Adults is not full of rude or inappropriate questions. It is not a pickup line app, or an app that treats either gender as sex objects. It is a conversation starter app for building relationships from adults to other adults.There are no cheap thrills in the app but there is humour, intelligence and deep thoughts… which is worthwhile in any situation.


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