Such a simple app, it’s almost ridiculous.

I recently spent close to 12 hours on planes and in airports on my way to and from Ecuador with some Students. I was on a United Airlines flight, no free TV, very frustrating. One of my students asked if she could borrow my phone so that she could do Ask Me Anything for Teens with her friends on the flight. Of course I said yes and handed her my phone in Airplane mode.

As a developer I want to know that people are using my app. This request of course made me very happy, It’s nice to know that someone likes your app. So I asked the girl, “Do you often use the app?” Her response was incredible, “Oh, yeah… all the time, my Mom and I use it when we are driving in the car and at the supper table.” Then she added, “You need to add more questions.” There it was, the compliment and the challenge. Your app is great, can you improve it?

As I sat in my seat I got to overhear how they used the app. How they answered the questions, laughed at the questions and even got annoyed or offended… Sometimes they would ask me, “Chet… why did you make this question?” Which is humorous, because they mostly come from my bizarre brain, and my interactions with all kinds of people. In terms of updates I generally sit down and come up with 50 questions at a time and throw them into whichever apps they would apply to. Usuallly I find coming up with questions for Ask Me Anything for Teens is by far the easiest, but sometimes it depends on what I’ve been reading.

 Anyways… This is a short entry to the blog. I hope you are enjoying my series of Apps. Have a great day.