400 Likes on Facebook

400 likes on facebook.001

It’s only been 15 days and we are already at 400 likes so I might as well give away some more apps. For the next 5 days I will be giving away one of my conversation starter apps per day. No idea which one might be FREE on which day but if you check the app store everyday you will find out. I do this because I want my apps in the hands of users. I want my conversation starters on iPhones, iPads and iPods all over the world. If you get the app for FREE and you like it please leave me a 5 star review on the app store.

If you have any suggestions on ways that I can improve the apps or perhaps some more app ideas you can message me or throw it into the comments. I am always happy to hear from you.

Have a great day and enjoy the free downloads.

Chet Kennedy


300 Likes on Facebook


300 Likes, That’s incredible! Almost half of those likes came from India in the last two weeks. To Celebrate this momentous occasion I will be giving away all of my apps for the next 24 hours.

Yes, that’s right. All my paid apps will be free for the next 24 hours to celebrate 300 likes on Facebook.

Enjoy the downloads. Thanks for the likes and the increased web traffic. I hope you enjoy my apps.

Have a great day.

Restoring the Lost Art of Conversation…

lost art.001

Restoring the lost art of conversation… one app at a time.

Ask Me Anything apps were built upon the foundational truth that communication brings strength to any relationship. No matter where you live, what your relationships look like, or how connected you truly are to the people in your life, all of us need better communication.

If you are in sales, marketing, business, or retail you need to know how to communicate. If you are in education, social work, athletics, or Human Relations you need to know how to communicate. If you are in IT, call centres, customer service or trades you need to know how to communicate. No matter where you work, you need to know how to communicate to be successful.

Conversation is a lost art, we have lost the ability to look one another in the eyes. The ability to listen and to hear. The ability to share our words with one another. We are more comfortable with who ever is in the world than who is in the room next to us.

Ask Me Anything Apps were created to help humans interact with other humans. It’s that simple.

For your relationships I have created 3 separate apps. Ask Me Anything for Couples, Engaged Couples and Families. Each one unique in how they are designed and the focus that they have.


3 Relationships.001

For your general conversations I have also created 2 apps that bring people together through the powerful medium of conversation starters. Ask Me Anything for Teens and Ask Me Anything for Adults.


General Conversation Apps.001

Download these apps today and start communicating for a change.


My hope is that your relationships will be strengthened as you begin to relearn the lost art of conversation… one app at a time.

Chet Kennedy

Hello India

Hello India.001

Hello India! Over the past 4 days you guys over in India have lit up the app downloads, my Facebook page and my web traffic has surged. I wanted to acknowledge it and thank you. I’m not sure necessarily sure why you have just noticed my apps or what started the fire but I’m grateful that you guys are using my apps.

When I built my apps I designed them to get people talking… I was hopeful that my apps might have an impact on people in my own country and I was thinking it would be amazing if the world would benefit. I had no idea the reach that the app store has given me. What I have found is that every day people from many countries download and use my apps. That is simply more than I could have expected and I am grateful to all of my users for their support.

India, if you guys start the fire and it spreads to the whole world I will be forever in your debt. Thanks for the downloads and have a great day.