Final Day of the Early Adopters Sale

Welcome to Day 5 of our Early Adopter’s Sale. It’s the last day of the sale. In this video I simply explain the game and the cards a bit more and talk about the different components of the game. I also introduce everyone to the downloadable instructions to Bludgeon, the game we invented in order to playtest The Queen’s Assassin.

Go here to buy your copy of The Queen’s Assassin.

Family Games night is not so friendly anymore.

You are the King of a massive kingdom, you hold land, wealth and power. As you have gained your land, wealth and power you have also acquired a few enemies who are seeking to destroy you.

The Warring Kingdoms have gathered for a final battle… Who will be left standing and who will be found buried in the graveyard.

The Queen’s Assassin is a card game where you conquer rival kingdoms using your methods of conquest, Diplomacy, Torture and Revenge. It’s a fun, winner takes all, kind of game where alliances are formed and broken. Friends are blindsided and enemies sometimes keep you alive for their own enjoyment.

It’s fun but be warned, if suddenly you find yourself alone in the King’s Reach you better hope you find some Armour, quickly.

Simple instructions. Balanced Game mechanics. Quick turn based system.

Each turn you can
– perform 1 action OR Discard up to all of your cards and replace them.
– The defender responds by playing cards against your cards
– Both of you both pick up a card to replace any you have used and the next player takes his turn.
– It’s Really that simple.

How do you win?
Simple. Survive.
Last man standing wins the game.


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