Slay, an extremely addictive ios game

I am an app developer and an avid user of my ios devices. Today I decided to review another developer’s app. I am not affiliated with the developer or his app, nor have I been asked to review this app. I am simply reviewing it because this app is so addictive and so well built and I want to applaud the developer for taking the time to build it.

My journey with slay started in a comment feed for a completely different app on the app store. Some user had basically written, “This game sucks… if you want a better strategy game that is highly addictive get Slay by Sean O’Connor.” So I decided to check it out.

At first I didn’t really understand Slay. I assumed it was too complicated but as I played I came to realize that it was more than likely too simple. Don’t worry, the complexity and strategy increases dramatically as you move through the levels from Very Easy to Very Hard.

The AI is perfect for every stage of the game and the amount of levels are astounding. I usually find that I play this game for a long time and then I force myself to stop… then something will make me try it again and I am just as hooked as before.

In the game you are basically trying to take over your whole island using players who have different strengths. In a typical game like this a peasant type player can be defeated by anyone but as your players move up in strengths they also consume more resources which are generated by the land you own. The whole game you must be continually balancing the strength and number of men you are using with the size of your land. You are always trying to beat the other players by taking over more of their land, while constantly keeping track of your own. Games can take anywhere from 5 minutes to hours depending on your skillset and desire to win.

If you are looking for an addictive turn based strategy game and you are willing to wander off the beaten path I highly recommend Slay. Slay is available as an iPhone app or an iPad app. Get it on the App store today.