Ask Me Anything for Adults 2.0 is available on the app store

AMAFA 2.0 banner.001

Ask Me Anything for Adults 2.0 is available on the app store. I am very excited for this new release. It is now a fully Universal app. It includes over 700 questions designed specifically for adults.

I’ve given it a bold new look and made it accessible on all current apple devices. I hope you enjoy this new version and thank you for your continued support of Ask Me Anything Apps.

This new version of Ask Me Anything for Adults was built from the ground up to be a Universal App. I literally started from scratch. I opened up Xcode and started a new project.

I built the entire thing like that, every picture, every button, everything. I found with Ask Me Anything for Teens that trying to work with the old project created too many issues with old code, and old UI elements. Finally, while building Ask Me Anything for Teens 2.0 I ended up just building a new project and starting everything from the beginning again. I am determined to do that with every one of my existing apps on the app store. Start new projects and build the best app I can with my limited knowledge of developing and design.

One more thing, I went through every line of code and stripped out every unnecessary piece of code including many Ask Me Anything Apps ads that I had embedded in my former projects. When you tap the screen you will only see questions not annoying little text based ads for my other apps. I have found that Ask Me Anything App users have been very loyal to the brand, many have multiple Ask Me Anything Apps on their devices there is no need to pester them with ads.

I have already begun the redesign of Ask Me Anything for Couples. I’m considering some new categories for the app and I am excited about the possibilities that this redesign presents.

I am excited for you to experience Ask Me Anything for Adults 2.0 and I hope that it enhances your relationships. As always, thank you for the Downloads.