Hello India

Hello India.001

Hello India! Over the past 4 days you guys over in India have lit up the app downloads, my Facebook page and my web traffic has surged. I wanted to acknowledge it and thank you. I’m not sure necessarily sure why you have just noticed my apps or what started the fire but I’m grateful that you guys are using my apps.

When I built my apps I designed them to get people talking… I was hopeful that my apps might have an impact on people in my own country and I was thinking it would be amazing if the world would benefit. I had no idea the reach that the app store has given me. What I have found is that every day people from many countries download and use my apps. That is simply more than I could have expected and I am grateful to all of my users for their support.

India, if you guys start the fire and it spreads to the whole world I will be forever in your debt. Thanks for the downloads and have a great day.

One thought on “Hello India

  1. As luck would have it I just got the chance to ref a Men’s game between India and South Africa in our cities PUSHA nations Cup. Both teams played well but it ended in a tie.

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