100,000 downloads.001


Ask Me Anything Apps has reached a rather significant milestone. My apps have been downloaded 100,000 times. What an incredible number.


It has only taken me 3 years to get to this point. As a hobbyist developer this means so much. I started these apps to bring my version of conversation starter apps to the world and it’s humbling to realize that the world has embraced them. These apps have been downloaded and used in 80 countries. From my iTunes Connect information I can see that the largest number of downloads comes from USA and Canada, followed closely by Europe. What has been exciting for me is to see that Asia Pacific is my next highest user population.

If I dig further I can see that in recent months Thailand is actually beating out most of Europe in downloads. Hey Thailand, thanks so much!

Ask Me Anything Apps will not be a full time job for me but it will always be something that I work on and that I will continually find new ways to develop it.


Thanks for celebrating this monumental number with me and we will see if it takes me another 3 years to get to 200,000.


If you own multiple versions of Ask Me Anything Apps which one is your favourite or which one do you use the most?

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