The beginning of Ask Me Anything Apps

The beginning of my app journey started when my wife allowed me to buy an iPod touch. I was heading to a conference and was explaining that I would need to borrow her laptop. She hates when I take her laptop so she relented and allowed me to buy a first generation iPod touch. As soon as I began using it I knew that I wanted to be a part of this new technology but I had no idea how.

Then the iPhone SDK happened… Apple changed the mobile phone industry by allowing third party developers to build apps for the iPhone and my whole world changed. I knew that I wanted to create apps. I came up with tons of ideas and started learning the programming language. Slowly but surely I began to grasp extremely rudimentary concepts but in time I realized that there were some things I could program and a lot of things I could not.

So, I sat down with my book of ideas and went through them one by one asking myself the question. Could I program this? Most answers were a firm and resounding, “NO!”

Until I came to this crazy idea I came up with at a marriage retreat weekend thing that my wife and I went to. On this marriage retreat they gave us a textbook to bring on our dates with us, in the textbook was a list of questions they wanted us to talk through. I thought the idea of the conversation starters was intriguing but carrying the textbook around was ridiculous. That’s when I decided, “There should be an app for that.”

My frustration with most of the conversation starter apps is that they are designed for general use requiring the user to decide what the context, content, and even the nature of the conversation will be. I just really want the user to get right to the questions… simple, you can decide which ones you like simply by clicking through the questions and picking one.

My first app Ask Me Anything for Couples was released in December of 2010. I am actively pursuing more questions and more updates for these apps. This new website is part of my ongoing commitment to further development of these apps and the Ask Me Anything Apps brand.

Thanks for the downloads…

Chet Kennedy


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